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Pampered Pet Package $32.00

Included in the pampered pet package: (1) Play Time or Swim Time, (1) Cuddle Time, (1) Yappy Hour Treat and (1) Tuck in Mint

Playful Pup Package $ 30.00

Included in the playful pup package: (1) Play Time or Swim Time, (1) Cuddle Time and (1) Treat Puzzle

Cuddly Friend Package $ 22.00

Included in the cuddly friend package: (1) Cuddle Time, (1) Yappy Hour Treat and (1) Tuck in Mint

Restful Pet Package $ 13.00 – $ 15.00 (based on weight of pet)

Included in the restful pet package: (1) Cuddle Time, Composure Chews, & FortiFlora daily

*Composure™Pro Chews are clinical strength calming support chews for cats and dogs. Purina Pro Plan FortiFlora Probiotic Supplement contains a safe and effective strain of beneficial bacteria that promotes and restores normal intestinal microflora.

Individual Activities and Treats:

$16.00 Each

  • Swimtime: 15 min of swimming fun outside

$16.00 Each

  • Playtime: 15 min of outside time playing and running or just sun bathing
  • Cuddle time: A 15 minute cuddle session with your pet to help them unwind from their day

$3.00 – $7.00 Each  (based on weight of pet)

  • Calming Treat PackageComposure Chews, & FortiFlora daily.

$6.00 Each

  • Yappy Hour treat: Delicious treats made special by us for some extra spoiling (include Bananas, Peanut Butter and Low-Fat, non-flavored yogurt)

$8.00 Each

  • Treat Puzzle: A fun puzzle, filled with treats, to give your pet something fun to do that also help stimulate their mind
  • Peanut Butter Kong: A kong toy with a bit of peanut butter in the center

$3.00 Each

  • Tuck in Mint: A little mint for your pet after they’ve had their dinner to help freshen their breath

$2.48 Each

  • Veggiedent: Z-shaped tartar control chews that aide in dental health. These palatable chews have no animal-origin ingredients and are ideal for pets with food allergies