Devan, a recent grad of the Vet Tech Institute join our hospital half way through 2016. After she completed her externship at our hospital she became a permanent part of our family. Now she awaits the completion of her board exams so that she can earn the letters LVT (Licensed Veterinary Technician) behind her name.

Born and raised in the Friendswood/Dickinson area, Devan still lives at home with her parents and they 6 fur-babies. Four dogs, Skittles, Moe, Prissy and Sandy, two cats, Sunshine and Mask and Peppers, a regular visitor to their home.

During Devan’s free time she enjoys taking photographs of nature and animals. When she can she enjoys the occasional fishing trip and enjoys her favorite meal Mahi Mahi. She would also like to pursue woodworking as a hobby. One day Devan wants to visit Australia and all that it has to offer.

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